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​​​9 Seaters Van Limousine Rental in Hanoi | Asia Transport

9 passenger Van rental service with new Limo models 9 seaters + 1 driver with luxurious design, comfortable interior. All Van Limo are cleaned, strictly checked and have wifi, drinking water, massage chair cold towels before departure. 9 passenger van with comfort and quality, high-class luxury designs by Dcar, Auto Kingdom, Skybus, MT are always innovative and meet the needs and trend of customers.

Thuê Xe Limousine 9 chỗ Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (22).jpg

​Dcar Vip Lounge Limo 9-seats

Welcome to Asia Transport to experience the Dcar Vip Lounge Van Limo, known as a 9-seat Vietnamese mobile living room with Chill and Vip room space, aimed at corporate or family customers serving travel, tour, bussiness.


Modified Ford Transit and Hyundai Solati 16 seaters with some minor changes compared to other 9-seat Dcar Limousines. Upgrade the car's useful features, such as the last row of seats, becoming a real sofa, the other seats becoming comfortable seats and massage chair systems

Thuê Xe Limousine 9 chỗ  (4).png

​Dcar Xplus Limo 9 seats

The 9-seat Dcar Xplus Limousine - Ford transit is a 9-seat version, including 4 swivel seats and massage function.

Is an upgrade compared to the basic Dcar Limousine car rental version (without massage chair) with many changes. This is a new technological development in limousine in Vietnam. This 9 seaters Van is still favored by customers because of its spacious, smooth and comfortable seats.

Thuê Xe Limousine 9 chỗ Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (13).png

Dcar Limo Business Class 9 seats

On C-class cabin of the flight, the business class seat is always desired by many people, but due to the high cost, there are limited features for those who want to use it.

Based on those desires, DCAR designed and manufactured the first class Dcar upper class aircraft. In this way, DCar realizes the ability to "transform" the transport service into a "5-star domestic airline on the ground".

Thuê Xe Limousine 9 chỗ Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (4).png

Dcar Solati Limo 9 seats

The 9-seat Dcar Solati was Interior and exterior upgrades from the original 16-seat Hyundai Solati. Number of seats on the car 7 large seats 2 auxiliary seats 1 driver + 9 rear seats. Seats of this line are more comfortable even for tall foreigners.

DCar Solati Limo e is perfectly designed to meet the passenger transportation needs of companies and is best suited to the traffic conditions of big cities connecting to neighboring points in the delta. Sugguest, Vehicles traveling on mountain roads are more limited than cars modified from Ford Transit.

Auto Kingdom Limo 9 Seats

Auto Kingdom Car Company has upgraded 9-seat limousines with luxurious and sophisticated interiors, fully equipped with first-class amenities to meet all the most stringent requirements in picking up and transporting businessmen and politicians, celebrities, music stars, movies.

The car has a Wifi, a USB charging port, a massage chair and a swivel chair.

Thuê Xe Limousine 9 chỗ Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (9).png
Skybus special.jpg

​Skybus Special Limo 9 Seaters

SKYBUS Solati from Dasan special includes 10 VIP seats arranged in an extremely spacious space, fully equipped with all functions to serve passengers. The design is most suitable for travel customers, high-class customers on business trips.

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