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Hire Dcar Vip Lounge Limousine 9-seater - Luxurious and Convenient Experience.

Asia Transport is a company specializing in providing rental services for DCAR VIP Lounge Limousine 9-seater, offering a premium and prestigious VIP experience.

The DCAR VIP Lounge rental service provided by Asia Transport is not just about renting a car, but it is also a luxurious and comfortable experience on wheels.

With its unique Lounge space, this vehicle offers not only convenience but also an excellent relaxation area.

DCAR VIP Lounge is a 9-seater Limousine designed with a focus on connectivity and interaction among passengers.

With comfortable and cozy sofa seats, passengers can relax and enjoy the shared space for networking events or memorable gatherings.

Moreover, Asia Transport's DCAR VIP Lounge is equipped with outstanding amenities such as reclining seats, spacious bench seats, 220V power outlets, USB charging ports, in-car entertainment TV, continuous Wi-Fi connection, and ample luggage space.

All of these amenities are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for passengers.

When using Asia Transport's DCAR VIP Lounge rental service, you will experience a premium journey with professional service from an experienced team of drivers, ensuring safety throughout the trip.

With Asia Transport's DCAR VIP Lounge Limousine 9-seater rental service, you will have an exceptional VIP experience that meets all your needs for luxurious and comfortable transportation.

Introducing the DCAR VIP Lounge 9-seater

The DCAR VIP Lounge - Ford Transit is a remarkable 9-seater Limousine that offers an exceptional VIP experience. Its name itself reflects the luxurious and prestigious ambiance of a VIP space right inside a vehicle.

It truly embodies the concept of a lounge with the presence of plush and relaxing sofa seats, a first in the automotive industry, completely redefining the traditional notion of standard seating without providing the same level of comfort.

Notably, the DCAR VIP Lounge - Ford Transit focuses on connectivity and interaction among passengers, creating a shared space for engaging meetings and enjoyable interactions, making long journeys fly by.

The special features of the vehicle include:

Relaxing Sofas:

  • Designed to embrace the body, providing stability and comfort during vehicle motion.

  • Crafted with high-quality genuine leather.

  • Special cushion structure ensures comfort even during extended periods of sitting while maintaining breathability.

  • Airbag massage system provides spinal support.

  • Headrests made with memory foam for natural head support.

Spacious Sofa Seats:

  • Wide sofa seats offer comfort and relaxation for passengers.

  • Stylish and luxurious puffed design.

  • Generously sized armrests resembling premium Italian sofas found in upscale living rooms.

  • Crafted from flawless, top-grade full-grain leather.

Outstanding Amenities:

220V power outlets to maintain a convenient lifestyle throughout the journey.

USB charging ports and convenient cup holders.

Entertainment TV.

Continuous Wi-Fi connectivity.

Diverse personal storage compartments.

Spacious luggage area.

Two reclining seats with individual adjustments.

Contact for Booking:

To reserve our services and obtain more detailed information, customers can contact Asia Transport through the following channels:

  • Phone number (Vietnam): 0902035595 - 0965134966

  • Phone number (English): 0899162338

  • Email:

  • Website:

Get in touch with us now for easy and convenient Limousine rental services in Hanoi. We are always ready to assist and fulfill all your requirements.

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