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​One-way Transfers Service | Hanoi Car & Van Limo Rental

You need to rent a Van from 9-20 seats or 7-seater cars from affordable to high-end such as Carnival, Sedona, Xpander .. For business or leisure travel at resorts, or you need one. Luxury car to transport VIP guests, business partners.

Coming to Asia Transport, the right decision will definitely leave a good first impression for your partners and customers.

On the Road

Are you Looking for a car or Van rental service with a driver for a one-way trip?

Welcome to Asia Transport for an easy and convenient one-way car rental service from many locations to and from Hanoi.


There are many types of vehicles for your perfect for the trip with high-class cars from 7, 9, 11, 16, 18, 19, 28 seats.

One-way two-way car rental is a popular form of car or van rental that offers the most comfort and convenience today.


Instead of sitting on a bus with a long travel time, noise and many other problems always make you unhappy. However, this form of transport rental is completely independent of the above issues, convenient and fast.

Rent A Car or Van travel to other Province 1 Way 

Đưa đón 1 chiều (3)-min.png

Parallel to the quality, the price of rental a luxury car or van Limo with 7 - 28 seats in Hanoi to go to the provinces one way or vice versa is always an issue that customers care about.

That's why Asia Transport always tries to offer the best price to guarantee customers quality and cost.

Thuê Xe Xpander Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (7).png

7-seaters car manufactured by Famous Brands

The 7-seaters car manufacturers from different countries, regions and in different development periods such as Honda, Ford, and Hyundai.


However in Vietnam these production to serve personal and family needs rather than service business

7-seaters car manufactured by Kia

The 7-seater cars manufactured by KIA brand cars are often designedyoung, modern, convenient with maximum fuel economy for users.

With many models of 7-seater cars to choose from, covering all segments, Top Kia 7-seat cars are the most favorite by customers when using the service: Kia Carnival, Sedona, Sorento, ..

Thuê Xe Kia Carnival Hà Nội Asia Transport (19).jpg
Dcar Vip Lounge 9s (4).jpg

​9 Passengers Van Limo 

9 passenger Van rental service with new Limo models 9 seaters + 1 driver with luxurious design, comfortable interior.

All Van Limo are cleaned, strictly checked and have wifi, drinking water, massage chair cold towels before departure. 9 passenger van with comfort and quality, high-class luxury designs by Dcar, Auto Kingdom, Skybus, MT are always innovative and meet the needs and trend of customers.

11 Passengers Van Limo 

In order to maximize the favorable conditions, Car designed companies such as Auto Kingdom, Dcar, Dasan have launched an 11-seat Limousine version converted from Hyundai Solati 16 seaters or Hyundai Tracomeco 16 seaters. This 11-passengers Van Limousine is improved from 16-seat Hyundai Solati to 11 Vip seats, so it is spacious and airy. Modern chair design.


The seat has a flexible sliding function that creates a feeling of gentle movement even when sitting in the Van. TV has a very comfortable ceiling-mounted screen for those sitting in the back seats to see clearly.

Dịch vụ thuê xe Limousine 11 chỗ tại Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (20).jpg
Thuê Xe Limousine 15, 16, 18 chỗ tại Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (14).jpg

16 Passengers Minibus Limo 

16 passengers Van Minibus Rental in Hanoi gives passengers impressions from exterior to interior. The exterior of the minibus is given a new coat with a body cladding along the body and strong fishtail details. ​

Welcome to Car & Van Rental Company - Asia Transport to experience the 16-passengers Minibus Limousine with the best price.

18 Passengers Minibus Limo 

18 passengers Minibus Limo + 1 driver has a new look with new details on the exterior, and the interior is redesigned from 29 seats to 18 seats + 1driver to create a spacious and comfortable space for passengers. sit in the minibus. Besides, the car brings many conveniences when equipped with sound system, wifi transmitter, DVD screen, USD charging port, spacious luggage compartment.

Welcome to Asia Transport to experience the 18 passenger Minibus Limo Rental Service in Hanoi, it is always fully equipped with the best facilities at the best price.

Thuê Xe Limousine 15, 16, 18 chỗ tại Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (55).jpg
Thuê Xe Limousine 15, 16, 18 chỗ tại Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (16).jpg

19 Passengers Minibus Limo 

19 Passengers Minibus Limo are designed and manufactured according to different requirements from the standard version to the high-end version or designed according to the requirements of each customer with different packages, the original 35-seat Thaco Bus has been combined with genuine Limousine products.


Vietnam's leading research and design model and launched this product line.

Introduction to Asia Transport's Limousine and Premium 7-Seater Car Rental Services

Luxury - Dcar and Auto Kingdom With the Limousine line of Dcar and Auto Kingdom, Asia Transport offers customers a luxurious and classy experience on every trip.


These cars are equipped with premium interiors, analog clocks, modern sound systems, touch screens, and other amenities that provide customers with a comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying feeling.

Diverse Options - Carnival, Sedona, Veloz, Xpander, Innova, Suzuki XL7 In addition to the Limousine line, Asia Transport also provides a variety of premium 7-seater cars such as Carnival, Sedona, Veloz, Xpander, Innova, and Suzuki XL7, all with equivalent amenities.


Customers can choose the best option for their needs to ensure the most convenient and comfortable trip.

Professional Services - One-way Transfer from Hanoi to Other Provinces


Asia Transport is committed to providing customers with the most professional and reasonable services.


Our drivers have years of experience in serving tourism, have a good understanding of terrain and roads, and always ensure safety and convenience for customers.


We also provide one-way transfer services from Hanoi to other provinces such as Ha Long, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Sapa, Thanh Hoa, and Nghe An, helping customers save time and money.

With our diverse and professional services, Asia Transport confidently brings customers the most wonderful and comfortable travel experiences. Book your car now to experience these amazing things with us!

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