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Rent a Limousine Dcar Xplus 9-seater in Hanoi - Asia Transport: A luxurious journey

Amidst the lavish and opulent setting of Hanoi, the capital city, Asia Transport takes pride in introducing the Limousine 9-seater Dcar Xplus rental service - a refined fusion of style and convenience.

Within the luxurious and sophisticated ambiance of Hanoi, Asia Transport is delighted to present our Limousine 9-seater Dcar Xplus rental service - a tasteful blend of style and functionality.

With a commitment to meeting the demands of luxury passenger transportation, we bring you an exceptional and prestigious experience with the Dcar Xplus - a new symbol in the realm of Limousine vehicles. Drawing inspiration from the renowned DCar X series, this vehicle embodies perfection and sophistication for all your journeys.

Dcar Xplus Rental Service Commitment

Luxury passenger transportation is our top priority. The Dcar Xplus Limousine rental service is specially designed to cater to the needs of premium passenger transportation for businesses, hotels, resorts, companies, and even diplomatic personnel.

We understand that quality and professionalism are crucial factors for a successful journey, and that's why we are committed to providing impeccable service that meets all your requirements.

DCar Xplus - Ford Transit: Special 9-seater Limousine with Massage Seats

DCar Xplus - Ford Transit is a special edition based on the concept of the limited DCar X series, bringing a new symbol of Limousine vehicle technology to meet the demands of luxury passenger transportation for hotels, resorts, companies, and business travelers.

Premium Passenger Transportation

Specifically tailored for businesses involved in premium passenger transportation services, as well as hotels, resorts, companies, and business travelers.

Powerful and Modern Design

Drawing inspiration from the luxurious Land Rover series, the DCar Xplus - Ford Transit features a distinctive, powerful, modern, and unique exterior design.

Numerous Convenient Facilities

The vehicle is equipped with modern amenities, resembling a compact workspace, including 4G WiFi connectivity, USB charging ports, a 22-liter refrigerator, a first aid kit, an umbrella storage compartment, and a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Luxurious Leather Seats

The spacious seats of the DCar Xplus - Ford Transit are upholstered in luxurious leather and adorned with solid wood paneling, creating the distinctive beauty of luxury vehicles. The seats also feature massage function and adjustable reclining according to user preferences.

22-liter Refrigerator - 5°C Cooling

With a 22-liter refrigerator and a cooling function down to 5°C, the DCar Xplus - Ford Transit caters to the essential needs of passengers during long business trips or when receiving guests.

19-inch Roof-mounted TV

Located on the vehicle's ceiling, there is a 19-inch roof-mounted TV, large enough for rear-seat passengers to enjoy clear and engaging program content.

Premium Sound System

Contact for Booking

To book our services and obtain more detailed information, you can contact Asia Transport through the following channels:

  • Phone number (Vietnam): 0902035595 - 0965134966

  • Phone number (English): 0899162338

  • Email:

  • Website:

Contact us now to receive easy and convenient consultation and booking for Limousine rental services in Hanoi. We are always ready to support and meet all your requirements.

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