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​​11 Seaters Van Limousine Rental in Hanoi | Asia Transport

Dịch vụ thuê xe Limousine 11 chỗ tại Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (20).jpg

MT Solati Limousine 11 Seaters

MT Luxury Car Company  has upgraded the 16-seat Hyundai Solati into a   11-seat Limousine + 1 driver with luxurious and sophisticated interior, fully equipped with first-class amenities to meet all the most stringent requirements in picking up and shuttle businessmen, politicians. , celebrities, music stars, movies.

On the Van there is a Wifi, USB charging port, TV, massage chair, comfortable reclining.

In order to maximize the favorable conditions, Car designed companies such as Auto Kingdom, Dcar, Dasan have launched an 11-seat Limousine version converted from Hyundai Solati 16 seaters or Hyundai Tracomeco 16 seaters.


This 11-passengers Van Limousine is improved from 16-seat Hyundai Solati to 11 Vip seats, so it is spacious and airy. Modern chair design. The seat has a flexible sliding function that creates a feeling of gentle movement even when sitting in the Van. TV has a very comfortable ceiling-mounted screen for those sitting in the back seats to see clearly.

Auto Kingdom Limousine 11 Seaters

The 11-seat Tracomco Limousine, modified from a 29-seat car, has a spacious and comfortable seating space like a first-class cabin.

With an increase of 0.5m in size compared to the standard Tracomeco Limousine, the car is very popular with customers in the North, often to serve 5-star customers.

Dịch vụ thuê xe Limousine 11 chỗ tại Hà Nội Hãng Xe Asia Transport (1).png
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