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Luxury Limousine Ford Business Class 9-Seater - Premium Service from Asia Transpor

Experience the Premium Service of Ford Business Class 9-Seater Limousine Rental by Asia Transport.

Introducing the DCar Business Class - Ford Transit 9-Seater Limousine, meticulously designed to meet the high-end transportation needs of businesses, particularly in the complex traffic conditions of major cities and connecting nearby destinations.-in-hanoi-asia-transport-a-luxurious-journey

Introducing Asia Transport's Ford Business Class 9-Seater Limousine Rental Service

🚗 Premium Passenger Transportation: Fulfilling the high-end passenger transportation needs of service businesses, hotels, resorts...

🌟 Powerful and Modern Design: With front and rear body kits and side claddings, the DCar Business Class - Ford Transit Limousine presents a robust, powerful, and distinctive exterior compared to regular vehicle models.

⚙️ Abundance of Convenient Features: Equipped with 4G connectivity, USB charging ports, clock, water droplet decorative lights, medicine cabinet, umbrella storage compartment...

👑 Premium Leather Seats: Designed for modern aesthetics and private enjoyment, the seating arrangement accommodates 10 passengers in each passenger compartment.

🔒 Imported Electric Window Shades from the US: The electrically adjustable window shades of the Ford Transit Limousine provide privacy and wide views for passengers.

📺 19-Inch Ceiling-mounted TV: The large 19-inch ceiling-mounted TV allows rear-seat passengers to comfortably enjoy their favorite programs.

🎵 Premium Sound System: Experience vibrant music with the Sony 2-Way speakers (4 units) combined with the Sony 4-channel amplifier.

🚪 Expanded Gullwing Door System: The vehicle features a unique expanded gullwing door system, providing convenience for passengers when boarding and disembarking.

Discover the luxury transportation experience with the DCar Business Class - Ford Transit 9-Seater Limousine!

Contact for Booking

To book our services and get more detailed information, please contact Asia Transport using the following information:

  • Phone Number (Vietnam): 0902035595 - 0965134966

  • Phone Number (English): 0899162338

  • Email:

  • Website:

Contact us now to easily and conveniently book your Limousine rental service in Hanoi. We are always ready to support and meet all your requirements.

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