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Luxury and Convenience: Ford Transit Limousine Autokingdom S1 Rental Service

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Welcome to Asia Transport's Ford Transit Limousine Autokingdom S1 Rental Service!

Are you in search of a luxurious and well-equipped limousine for your journey? Look no further than the Ford Transit Limousine Autokingdom S1, the perfect choice for you.

With its unique and prestigious design, this vehicle will provide you and your companions with an incredibly luxurious and comfortable experience.

With seating capacity of up to 10, the Ford Transit Limousine Autokingdom S1 will meet all your transportation needs. You and your companions will enjoy spacious, serene, and superiorly equipped surroundings.

The 6-speed manual transmission and hydraulic power steering offer flexibility and ease of driving.

Not only does the Ford Transit Limousine Autokingdom S1 excel in convenience, but it also features independent front suspension and dependent rear suspension, combined with hydraulic shock absorbers and excellent sound insulation. These ensure that you and your companions always feel comfortable.

Introducing Ford Auto Kingdom Limousine S1

Ford Auto Kingdom Limousine S1 - The perfect combination of luxury and performance.

The Ford Auto Kingdom Limousine S1 is a special customized version of the Ford Transit, offering you an outstanding transportation experience.

With a seating capacity of 10, the vehicle is designed to meet your travel needs with maximum comfort and convenience.

The powerful engine and 6-speed manual transmission of the Ford Transit Limousine S1 provide flexibility and reliability on every journey. The front and rear suspension systems are optimally adjusted, offering stability and smoothness on all types of terrain.

The exterior of the vehicle is designed with sophistication and elegance, with a variety of colors to choose from. Inside, the Ford Auto Kingdom Limousine S1 is equipped with premium and convenient interior features.

The spacious and comfortable seats create a private space for each passenger. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with modern amenities such as a high-quality audio system, air conditioning, and various other convenient features.

With our Ford Auto Kingdom Limousine S1 rental service, you will experience professionalism and reliability. Our team of experienced drivers ensures smooth and safe journeys.

Contact us now to receive a vehicle quote and book the Ford Auto Kingdom Limousine S1 rental service.

We are committed to providing absolute satisfaction to all customers and meeting your every requirement.

Contact for Reservation:

To book the service and obtain more detailed information, customers can contact Asia Transport through the following channels:

  • Phone number (Vietnam): 0902035595 - 0965134966

  • Phone number (English): 0899162338

  • Email:

  • Website:

Contact us now to receive advice and easily book Limousine rental service in Hanoi. We are always ready to support and meet all your requirements.

**Asia Transport: Your Trusted Car & Van Rental Service in Hanoi**

Looking for reliable car and van rentals in Hanoi? Look no further than Asia Transport! Our customers trust us for:

* **New and Luxurious Fleet:** We offer a wide selection of modern, top-quality vehicles to suit your needs.

* **Competitive Prices:** Enjoy affordable rates without compromising on quality or service.

* **Professional Drivers:** Our experienced drivers prioritize your safety and comfort throughout your journey.

* **Dedicated Customer Service:** Our friendly team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Whether you're exploring Hanoi or venturing beyond, Asia Transport is your partner for safe, fast, comfortable, and cost-effective travel.

Contact us today for expert advice and a seamless rental experience.

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