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Vibrant Terraced Fields: Symbolizing Vitality and Persistence in Muong Lat Border District

The lush green terraced fields sprawling around the valleys in the highland border district of Muong Lat offer a magnificent and lively spectacle. These fields not only serve as rice production areas but also symbolize the effort and perseverance of the local people.

From the cluster of houses in Chieng Cong neighborhood (Muong Lat Town, Muong Lat District), one can admire the beauty of the verdant terraced fields, creating a harmonious and picturesque landscape.

Currently, the local residents in the border district of Muong Lat are focused on nurturing and tending to the rice fields. This process demands meticulous care and also provides an opportunity for the inhabitants to connect with the land and their work.

In contrast to the autumnal forests, these lush green terraced fields stand as symbols of strength and vitality. The rice plants are irrigated with water sourced from streams, creating an advanced and efficient irrigation system, fostering vigorous and healthy growth.

This area is also renowned for its utilization of lands with varying elevations, such as the mountain slopes along the Ma River and Xim Stream, for rice cultivation. This demonstrates the locals' creativity and their ability to optimize natural resources.

However, due to the distinctive weather conditions and terrain, the process of planting and harvesting rice in this area often requires manual labor. Nonetheless, the dedication and perseverance of the people here continue to yield high-quality agricultural products.

Source Thanh Nien

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