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Exploring Hanoi's Pedestrian Streets: Latest Updates and Complete Guide

Introduction to Hanoi - A Beautiful Capital with Vibrant Pedestrian Streets

Hanoi, the charming capital and pride of Vietnam, holds the key to the golden tourism industry, welcoming millions of visitors each year.

The pedestrian streets here are always bustling with diverse and engaging activities, drawing people in during the weekends.

Asia Transport's Insight into Hanoi's Pedestrian Street Map

Today, Asia Transport brings you a comprehensive guide to Hanoi's pedestrian street map and other valuable information.

Don't miss out on these details and plan your exciting weekend walk along the pedestrian streets!

Map of Hanoi's Pedestrian Streets

Below, we've compiled information, images, and the current map of Hanoi's pedestrian streets. With a total of 26 pedestrian routes, including 21 free Wi-Fi stations and 78 parking spots for cars and motorcycles...

Latest Images of Hanoi's Pedestrian Street Map

Newest images showcasing Hanoi's pedestrian street map.

Current Pedestrian Streets in Hanoi

Presently, Hanoi boasts 5 pedestrian streets, including the space around Hoan Kiem Lake and its vicinity; the Old Quarter (Hang Dao - Dong Xuan, a preserved area within the Old Quarter, the expanded area south of the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District); Trinh Cong Son Street (Tay Ho District); the area around the ancient town of Son Tay; Tran Nhan Tong Street and its surroundings (Hai Ba Trung District).

In the near future, Hanoi is planning to add 3 more pedestrian routes: Hoang Cau - Hao Nam, Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, and a service-business street walk around Ngoc Khanh Lake.

Overview of Hanoi's Pedestrian Streets: 26 Streets

Sure, here's the list reordered:

1. Hang Ngang

2. Hang Dao

3. Hang Duong to Dong Xuan Market

4. Hang Buom

5. Ma May

6. Hang Giay

7. Luong Ngoc Quyen

8. Ta Hien

9. Dao Duy

10. Dinh Tien Hoang

11. Le Lai

12. Le Thach

13. Dinh Le

14. Nguyen Xi

15. Trang Tien (from Ngo Quyen to Dinh Tien Hoang)

16. Hang Khay

17. Le Thai To (half of the street)

18. Lo Su

19. Hang Dau

20. Area around Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square

21. Tran Nguyen Han (from Dinh Tien Hoang to Ly Thai To)

22. Luong Van Can (from Hang Gai to Le Thai To)

23. A part of Bao Khanh

24. Trang Thi

25. Hang Trong

26. Ho Hoan Kiem

The Pedestrian Ban in Hoan Kiem Lake Area: Traffic Restrictions

As per regulations, the pedestrian street area around Hoan Kiem Lake prohibits vehicle traffic from 7 PM every Friday to midnight on Sundays weekly.

Specific traffic regulations within the pedestrian space around Hoan Kiem Lake:

- All motorized and non-motorized vehicles are prohibited on the mentioned streets. Residents in the area organizing pedestrian spaces and requiring motorcycles, mopeds, or non-motorized vehicles can bring them to the nearest restricted area and walk them home.

- Cars and similar vehicles are banned from operating on Bao Khanh Street (from Hang Trong to Ngo Bao Khanh), Luong Van Can Street (from Lương Văn Can - Hang Gai to Alley Hang Hanh), Ngo Bao Khanh Alley, Alley Hang Hanh. Other vehicles can move normally.

- The right-hand lane of Le Thai To Street (adjacent to Hoan Kiem Lake) from Hang Trong to Hang Khay: Other vehicles can move as usual.


►42/85 Bat Khoi, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

►80B Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

►Hotline: 08991622338

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