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5-Day Itinerary Exploring Sapa, Dien Bien, Mai Chau, and Moc Chau by Asia Transport's Limousine

Discover Vietnam's Treasures: A 5-Day Odyssey through Sapa, Dien Bien, Mai Chau, and Moc Chau

Unveil the enchanting beauty and cultural tapestry of Vietnam on an extraordinary 5-day journey that ventures through the breathtaking landscapes of Sapa, Dien Bien, Mai Chau, and Moc Chau.

Crafted by Asia Transport, this meticulously designed itinerary invites you to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of this captivating country.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi - Sapa - Moana

  • Morning: Departure from Hanoi

    • Pickup at designated points or Noi Bai Airport.

  • Afternoon: Arrival in Sapa

    • Check-in at the hotel and lunch.

    • Visit Moana landscape, a blend of nature and artistic structures.

  • Evening: Free Time

    • Explore Sapa, visit iconic landmarks like Stone Church.

Day 2: Sapa - Fansipan - Cat Cat Village

  • Morning: Explore Cat Cat Village

    • Discover the life of H'mong ethnic group.

  • Afternoon: Conquer Fansipan

    • Cable car journey to the summit.

  • Evening: Free Time

    • Optional Dao Do herbal bath relaxation.

Day 3: Sapa - Rong May Glass Bridge - Lai Chau - Dien Bien

  • Morning: Visit Rong May Glass Bridge

    • Enjoy various activities and scenic views.

  • Afternoon: Journey to Dien Bien

    • Explore historical sites: Victory Statue, Điện Biên Phủ Command Bunker, A1 Hill.

  • Evening: Free Time

    • Cultural immersion or local Thai dinner (optional).

Day 4: Dien Bien - Moc Chau - Bach Long Glass Bridge

  • Morning: Departure to Moc Chau

    • Learn about historical landmarks en route.

  • Afternoon: Explore Moc Chau

    • Visit Dải Yếm Waterfall and choose between Happy Land or Bach Long Bridge.

  • Evening: Free Time

    • Explore Moc Chau's evening atmosphere.

Day 5: Moc Chau - Mai Chau - Hanoi

  • Morning: Sightseeing in Moc Chau

    • Discover tea hills, fruit valleys, and seasonal attractions.

  • Afternoon: Mai Chau Valley

    • Visit cherry blossom hills or ethnic Thai culture.

  • Evening: Return to Hanoi

    • Stop by Ba Vi dairy specialty store for souvenirs.

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