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A 2D1N Itinerary for Trekking Lao Than Enthusiasts

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📸 Special thanks to Le Thanh Hien for the stunning photos and insights - Check in Vietnam Group


If someone asks about the easiest summit, suitable for beginners among the top 15 peaks, there's no mountain other than Lao Than.

This destination is not only easy for cloud chasing but also boasts a terrain suitable for those taking their first steps into the addictive world of mountaineering.

Itinerary: 2 days, 1 night

🌱 Day 1: Departing from Hanoi the night before, we kickstart our journey with breakfast and a brief rest before heading to Y Ty.

Meeting the local guides, we commence our conquest of Lao Than. During the ascent, we take breaks for lunch on the way.

After nearly 4 hours, the group, with an average fitness level, reaches the resting point on the mountain. The weather during this period is quite chilly, requiring a thermal layer and a windbreaker.

Despite the bone-chilling cold and the absence of windbreaks, the panoramic view of the 360-degree sea of clouds compensates for it. In the evening, we gather around a hot pot, sharing stories from the trek.

🌱 Day 2: Rising at 4 am, the freezing water prevents us from brushing our teeth; a quick mouthwash with lukewarm water from the night before is the best we can manage.

Starting the climb to the summit at 4:30 am, the initial journey is filled with fog, occasionally revealing breathtaking moments as the mist disperses, unveiling the majestic cloud formations.

After some picturesque photo sessions, we head back to the resting point.

Opting for a leisurely stay before descending, we enjoy meals and refreshments, departing for the foot of the mountain with ample time. By 1:30 pm, we successfully complete the Lao Than circuit and return to Sapa for some relaxation and exploration.

Departing for Hanoi at 10:45 pm, we conclude a trekking journey that is relatively gentle, especially for first-timers. Wishing all future trekkers successful cloud hunting on the summit of Lao Than!

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