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📍 Tomb of Tu Duc | A Touch of Poetry and Serenity in Hue

The Tomb of Tu Duc (also known as Khiem Lang) was commissioned by King Tu Duc as a retreat after his lengthy rule of 36 years, making him the longest-reigning among the 13 Nguyen Dynasty kings.

Among the various tombs and the Imperial City of Hue, the Tomb of Tu Duc stands out as my favorite. Though not overly spacious, exploring the entire tomb can take up a good part of your day.

The architectural style of Tu Duc's tomb bears a resemblance to the Minh Mang Tomb, both belonging to the architectural ensemble of the royal tombs and palaces in the ancient capital of Hue.

What captivates me the most about this tomb is perhaps the Luu Khiem Lake. Formerly a small stream flowing through the tomb area, it was later expanded into a lake. Next to the lake are the Xung Khiem Pavilion and Du Khiem Pavilion, where the king used to sit to compose poetry and indulge in reading.

Visitors can now enter both places, but it's important to note that you must remove your shoes before entering. The feeling of standing and gazing at the shades of blue in the sky and earth, watching the lively school of fish swim gracefully underwater, is genuinely tranquil.

To cover all the information about this tomb would likely require a full day of study; from the details within the tomb, the history of its construction, architecture, to information about King Tu Duc - it's already a substantial amount of information.

For those passionate about cultural and historical values, you may want to explore and delve deeper into these specifics online.

The Tomb of Tu Duc is situated approximately 6km from the center of Hue. If you plan to visit multiple tombs and the Imperial City, consider purchasing a bundled ticket to save on expenses.

Ticket information is available at the entrance of each tomb. This return trip to Hue has been an emotional journey for me, experiencing the various Hue weather moods. In summary, for me, Hue is poetic without being melancholic!

📸 Special thanks to the beautiful photos and insightful review from @im.rot_ on the Blog Của Rọt.


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