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Luxurious Private Car, Van, and Minibus Hanoi to Long An Limo Rentals Your Ultimate Journey

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Asia Transport would like to offer our customers the price for renting our luxurious Van Limo with 9, 11, 16, 18 seats, and 7-seat cars for transportation to Long An

Our vehicles are new models and come with professional drivers.

Our service includes a luxurious Van Limo and 7 seaters car, a basic English driver Skills, free WiFi, complimentary drinks, fuel, and toll fees with no hidden costs.

Route of travel by Van Limo and Car from Hanoi to Tay Ninh one-way, vice versa or 1 or more days

  • Car 7 seaters:

  • Van Limo 9 seats:

  • Van Limo 11 seats:

  • Van Limo 16, 18 seats:

If you are interested in renting a Car or a Van Limo from Hanoi to Long An (including driver and passengers) according to the schedule or need further advice, please contact us.

Please provide your request: or by whatsapp: +84899162338 to get a free quote asap.

The rental price for Limo cars includes:

  • Driver's salary: This cost includes the driver's salary and other allowances such as food and rest expenses if the group travels long distances, meal and accommodation by his own.

  • Fuel costs: This cost includes the fuel costs for the 9-seat Limo car during the rental period.

  • Toll fees, parking fees, complimentary drinks, and cold towels on the car.

To have comfortable seating on the Van Limo and Car, please note:

  • Van Limo with 9 seats is for groups of less than 8 passengers.

  • Van Limo with less than 16, 18 seats should accommodate 14, 16 passengers, respectively, depending on the number of guests.

  • Car 7 seaters: under 5 passengers will better.

All car models have luggage compartments suitable for the corresponding number of suitcases.

What is the distance and travel time from Hanoi to Long An?

  • Distance: about 1685 km from Hanoi to Long An or vice versa.

  • Travel time: about 32.30 hours. However, the travel time may increase if traveling during peak hours when leaving Hanoi and taking breaks on the way.

  • Travel by Limo car on the road.

About Long An?

  • Long An is a province located in the southwestern region of Vietnam, bordering the provinces of Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Dong Thap, and Ho Chi Minh City. The province covers an area of over 4,500 km² and has a population of approximately 1.6 million people.

Long An has a favorable geographical location and convenient transportation connections with neighboring provinces and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, Long An is famous for its agricultural products such as rice, coffee, bananas, rambutan, mangoes, and cotton, especially the tra fish.

Long An is a province in the Mekong Delta region, famous for its unique cultural and natural heritage.

Visitors to Long An not only enjoy the peaceful atmosphere but also have many opportunities to explore and experience attractive destinations such as:

  • The Hundred-Column House, an ancient architectural structure built in the 19th century, featuring French, Chinese, and Vietnamese architectural styles.

  • Tan Lap Port, one of the largest ports in Long An, known for its export of agricultural products, especially rice.

  • Tan Lap Floating Village, a unique tourist area with houses inspired by Eastern architecture and built on water, creating a cool and peaceful space.

  • Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Area, an area covered by green rice fields, lotus ponds, and mangrove forests, with many interesting activities such as boating, fishing, sunbathing, or enjoying local cuisine.

  • Cat Tuong Phu Sinh Ecotourism Area, a large garden with various fruit trees and vegetables, where visitors can experience being a farmer and enjoy local dishes.

  • Flooded fields of lotus, an area covered by green rice fields and hundreds of species of lotus flowers, creating a beautiful natural picture.

Visitors to Long An do not have to worry about accommodation because the province has many hotels, resorts, and homestays serving tourists.

Some prominent hotels in Long An include Canh Thanh Garden Homestay, Long An Palace Hotel, The Mira Boutique Hotel, The Island Lodge, Royal Hotel Long An, Hoang Yen Hotel, and V Resorts Mekong.

Weather and People in Long An

Long An, located in the southern region of Vietnam, has a tropical monsoon climate with a dry season that lasts from December to April and a rainy season from May to November.

The average temperature throughout the year is around 27-28 degrees Celsius, with high humidity. The months of June to August are usually the wettest.

The famous festivals in Long An today include:

  • Lam Chay Festival: Taking place on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, Lam Chay Festival is a gathering of locals and visitors from other provinces to enjoy traditional dishes from the Mekong Delta region.

  • Ky Yen Tan Phuoc Tay Festival: Held on the 15th day of the 3rd lunar month at Ky Yen Tan Phuoc Tay Temple, the festival attracts many people who come to worship and pay their respects.

  • Via Ba Ngu Hanh Long Thuong Festival: This festival is held on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month at Ba Ngu Hanh Long Thuong Pagoda, with many traditional spiritual and cultural activities.

  • Duc Nguyen Quang Dai Memorial Festival: Taking place on the 30th day of the 7th lunar month at Nguyen Quang Giao Temple, the festival honors the heroic contributions of Duc Nguyen Quang Dai, one of Long An's national heroes.

  • Light Festival: Organized at the end of the year, the Light Festival attracts thousands of tourists to Long An to enjoy unique light games and creative art performances displayed throughout the streets and public areas.

In addition, the people of Long An have traditional rice cultivation and fish farming practices and have developed agricultural, food processing, textile, woodworking, and folk art crafts.


►42/85 Bat Khoi, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

►80B Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

►Hotline: 08991622338

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