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Noi Bai airport in Top 10 Airports with Outstanding Wifi Quality Worldwide

Noi Bai Airport is ranked in the top 10 airports with the best public wifi quality in the world, surpassing Singapore's Changi.

1. Ljubljana Airport scored 4.46/5 points, ranking first in the "wifi rating" from Skytrax - one of the leading magazines ranking airlines and airports worldwide.

2. Hong Kong Airport: The airport offers free wifi, no registration required at 1,200 points within the airport, with 15 high-speed wifi access areas with download speeds reaching 400 Mbps. Passenger satisfaction with wifi quality reached 4.25/5.

3. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: The main airport of the Finnish capital Helsinki scored 4.24/5 points for wifi quality. Free wifi is provided with unlimited access at a speed of 100 Mbps. On Google, the airport has a rating of 4.3/5 with many praises from travelers for its modern space, fast procedures, and good wifi quality.

4. Tokyo Haneda Airport: The capital airport of Japan scored 4.15/5 points for wifi quality. Here, passengers can access free wifi from the airport itself or other service facilities such as restaurants and cafes. The airport's free wifi is limited to 5 hours of access, after which reconnection is required. In addition, passengers can also use paid wifi services for better quality.

5. Tokyo Narita Airport: Another Tokyo airport made it to the top 10 with a score of 4.15/5. The blogger E Connect Japan experienced free wifi at Terminal 2 of the airport and rated the connection quality as good, with the highest download speed reaching 36 Mbps.

6. Noi Bai Airport: The only airport in Vietnam to make it to the top 10 with a score of 4.15/5. Free wifi is provided in all areas of the airport, limited to 30 minutes of use before needing to reconnect. Suja Lee, a Korean guest, praised the wifi quality at Noi Bai Airport as "excellent." Jakob Kloeverpr, a guest from Hong Kong, also commented that the wifi connection at Noi Bai is fast and stable, adding that "it is one of the best airports."

7. Taipei Airport: Taiwan's international airport in Taipei scored 4.01 points on the ranking chart, with each wifi access lasting four hours. Johnson, a guest from the UK, rated the wifi service experience here 5/5 on Skytrax, adding that the access speed is high and stable.

8. Changi Airport: Singapore's airport offers free wifi for three hours or 24 hours (requires downloading the airport's app), scoring 4/5 for quality according to Skytrax. Actual user tests via Ookla, a website access performance rating platform, show that Changi Airport's wifi download speed reaches around 28 Mbps, depending on the time.

9. Christchurch Airport: The airport in New Zealand scored 4/5 on Skytrax's ranking chart. Free wifi is provided throughout the terminal area without restrictions. The overall score of this airport on Skytrax is 5/10.

10. Indianapolis Airport: The airport scored 4/5 on Skytrax's wifi quality rating. Free wifi is provided without login requirements or advertisements. The official website of the airport states that they recently upgraded the quality, increasing the wifi speed to be 8-10 times faster than other major airports in the US.

In March 2023, the airport was honored as the "best in North America" by the International Airport Council, based on customer surveys and 30 other indicators.

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