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Itinerary to Visit Tam Dao for 2 Days

Tam Dao, located near Hanoi, boasts cool and fresh air, making it ideal for a two-day weekend getaway or holiday.

Tam Dao town, in Vinh Phuc province, is situated 75 km from Hanoi. With an altitude of over 900 m above sea level, Tam Dao is a sought-after destination for escaping the summer heat for tourists from Hanoi and surrounding areas.

It's also a popular spot for short vacations during Tet holidays or weekends. The following is a 48-hour itinerary for Tam Dao suggested by Ms. Linh Nguyen, a tour guide in Tam Dao, and based on the experience of a VnExpress reporter.

Day 1 Morning

Depart from Hanoi towards Noi Bai airport, take the Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway (CT05), and follow the signs. The journey to Tam Dao town takes about 1 hour 45 minutes, with a convenient and spacious road.

"Upon reaching the viaduct area, nearly 2 km from the town center, there are two separate ways up and down. Tourists should be careful to follow the right path," advised Ms. Linh.

Upon arrival, take a rest and snap some photos at the central square, a common stop for first-time visitors to Tam Dao. Then, head to the nearby coffee shop and restaurant, The Rock Cafe and Restaurant, which is renowned for its beautiful design and central location.

The restaurant features European architecture, modern and cozy ambiance, offering a variety of European dishes like French fries, garlic butter bread, fried or grilled chicken or pork ribs, spaghetti, and salads. The average cost per person is around 200,000 VND.

Noon and Afternoon

After lunch, it's recommended to visit Tam Dao stone church, just a few hundred meters from the restaurant.

The ancient stone church, built in Gothic architecture, is considered the symbol of the town. It features a spacious lower floor with many walkways beside the main road and stone steps leading to the upper floor.

The second floor comprises a large yard with numerous arches, providing visitors with opportunities to enjoy the fresh air, witness the sunset, and take photos. Inside, there's a cathedral built in 1937, adjacent to a bell tower.

"The stone church is always crowded with people taking photos, especially during holidays. It's advisable to avoid peak hours like mornings or late afternoons," cautioned Ms. Linh.

Check into the hotel and take a rest. If you prefer tranquility and comfort, opt for accommodations farther from the center, such as Belvedere Tam Dao Resort or Venus Tam Dao Hotel. For convenience in transportation, consider staying in small hotels right in town. Larger groups or young travelers can choose homestays like 90s Homestay, CuDen Homestay Tam Dao, Chillout Village - Homestay Tam Dao, Co La Homestay, or Up in the Air - House in the Clouds.

Hotel prices in Tam Dao range from 200,000 VND to about 1.8 million VND per night, offering a diverse selection of rooms.


Dine in the central area, indulging in Tam Dao specialties such as chayote tops and fruit, pork (prepared in various dishes and styles), fried stream fish, and sturgeon hotpot. Chayote tops are particularly emblematic of Tam Dao and can be boiled, stir-fried, enjoyed in hot pot, or grilled with meat rolls. This vegetable is also a popular choice for tourists to purchase as gifts.

Some recommended restaurants include Pho Nui, Thao Nguyen, Hoa Lam, An Phat, and Hai Dang.

Late at night, consider exploring some grilled food stalls offering chestnuts, potatoes, corn, and eggs around town.

Day 2 Morning

Wake up early to relish the fresh air in Tam Dao. If you enjoy exercise and jogging, head to Silver Waterfall. This tourist spot, right in the town center, is suitable for short trekking trips and relaxation by the waterfall. Visitors need to climb about 400 steps.

Note that the path down to the waterfall can be slippery, so wear appropriate shoes. If you forget to bring shoes, you can rent slippers from grocery stores along the way for 20,000 VND.

Have breakfast and coffee at Co La restaurant, one of the emerging destinations for young people in the past 2 years. The restaurant boasts a beautiful space with mountain and forest views, located about 1 km from the town center. Its design may remind visitors of a miniature Da Lat. Co La offers beverages and snacks, perfect for breakfast.

Some other cafes to consider include Quan Gio, La La Land, and Cafe 90s.

Tam Dao offers numerous attractions for the rest of the day, such as Cau Can, Cau May, Tam Dao Heaven Gate, bamboo forest, and Ba Chua Temple. These places are all relatively close to each other and easily accessible.

"If you love nature, consider visiting Tam Dao National Park, about 2 km from the center," advised Ms. Linh. Many visitors have recently preferred the national park due to its tranquility, as it's not as crowded as the town. You can even camp overnight in the national park with advance registration.

If you opt for the national park, plan to spend at least half a day. If you haven't prepared lunch, you can dine at the restaurant area, with meals starting from 100,000 VND.

The entrance fee to the national park is 40,000 VND per person for adults and 20,000 VND for children. The park provides tour guides for visitors interested in learning more about the flora and fauna onsite, for 700,000 VND per tour.

Alternative Option

Near Tam Dao lies the Truc Tam Tay Thien Zen Monastery, which visitors can consider visiting before or after their time in Tam Dao.

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