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Itinerary Explore Sapa & Fansipan in 2 Days - Luxury Limousine Tour

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Welcome to an unforgettable 2-day journey to the breathtaking landscapes of Sapa and the summit of Fansipan, courtesy of Asia Transport's top-tier Limousine service.

Revel in the beauty of Northern Vietnam, encountering cultural treasures and natural wonders.

Tour Highlights:

Indulge in Sturgeon hotpot and mixed hotpot, a culinary delight.

Exclusive Limousine experience, available in 9, 11, or 16-seat variants.

Fansipan exploration: a cable car journey through the clouds and mountain ranges, an experience unlike any other.

From Hanoi to Sapa:

Distance: Approximately 315 km

Travel time: 5 hours and 1 minute (by car)

Itinerary Sapa 2 days

Day 1: Hanoi - Sapa - Cat Cat Village

06:30: Board our luxury Limousine departing for Sapa via the Hanoi - Lao Cai highway. Various pickup points available, ensuring a convenient start for all travelers.

13:00 - 13:30: Arrive in Sapa, check into the hotel, and savor a sumptuous lunch.

Afternoon: Venture to Cat Cat village, immersing in the daily life of the H'mong ethnic people. Visit Tien Sa waterfall and witness traditional musical performances at the old hydroelectric plant.

18:00: Delight in dinner, followed by an evening of exploration. Capture memories at Sapa Stone Church, experience the lively Sapa Love Market (Saturdays), or savor local delicacies and the renowned San Lung wine. Overnight stay in Sapa.

Day 2: Sapa - Fansipan - Hanoi

07:00: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, relishing a cup of morning coffee.

08:00: Embark on an incredible journey to Fansipan Cable Car Station, commencing the ascent to the peak. Traverse through heavenly gates, reaching altitudes showcasing breathtaking vistas, architectural marvels, and the sacred beauty of the Great Buddha statue.

11:30: Return to Sapa town, check out, and relish a satisfying lunch.

13:15: Board the Limousine for the return trip to Hanoi, with two rest stops on the way.

19:00: Arrive at Noi Bai Airport area, additional transfer available upon request.

20:00: Tour concludes at your location in Hanoi. Until we meet again!


Customized Travel: Inform us in advance for tailored schedules to suit your preferences.

Guest Expenses: Guests cover costs for meals, accommodations, and admission tickets.

Asia Transport ensures a comfortable and secure travel experience, providing expert drivers and luxury vehicles for your group.

How to book Van, Minibus, SUV Rental from Hanoi to Sapa with us ?

Asia Transport certainly has a good price to stimulate travel, rental Private SUV, Van, Minibus Limousine from Hanoi to Sapa, please feel free contact to receive instant savings.

The optimal time to visit Sapa varies based on your weather preferences. Below is a seasonal breakdown to guide your decision:

Spring (March to May):

Widely regarded as the prime time to explore Sapa, offering pleasant temperatures (around 15-23°C) and picturesque landscapes. The rice terraces are vibrant green, and the blooming flowers add to the charm.

Summer (June to August):

Characterized by hot and humid weather, occasionally punctuated by showers. However, this period marks the rice harvest season, showcasing the golden rice terraces in their full splendor. Additionally, the lively Sapa Love Festival takes place during this time.

Autumn (September to November):

Another favorable season to visit Sapa, boasting cooler temperatures and reduced rainfall. The rice terraces transition to a stunning golden hue during this period.

Winter (December to February):

Cold and foggy conditions prevail, with sporadic frost and even snowfall. Despite the chill, winter presents a magical ambiance in Sapa, with mist-shrouded mountains and the possibility of snow-capped peaks, notably Fansipan, Vietnam's highest summit.

As for sightseeing destinations in Sapa, here are some noteworthy options:

Sapa Town: Delight in exploring the charming Sapa town, characterized by its French colonial architecture and vibrant markets. Don't miss the opportunity to savor local delicacies like pho (noodle soup) and banh mi (sandwiches).

Sapa Market: A bustling hub for souvenirs, offering traditional Hmong handicrafts and embroidered textiles.

Cat Cat Village: Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the Hmong community at Cat Cat Village, where you can admire traditional houses and gain insights into Hmong life.

Ta Van Village: Venture further to Ta Van Village, renowned for its breathtaking rice terraces and scenic mountain vistas.

Ham Rong Mountain: Embark on hiking adventures at Ham Rong Mountain, where you'll encounter attractions such as the Orchid Garden and the Stone Garden.

Fansipan Mountain: Conquer Vietnam's highest peak, either by hiking to the summit or ascending via cable car, and revel in the awe-inspiring panoramic views.

Muong Hoa Valley: Traverse the stunning landscapes of Muong Hoa Valley, home to traditional villages, expansive rice terraces, and majestic mountains, nestled between Sapa and Lao Cai.

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