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Itinerary Na Hang - Hong Thai Pear Season 2 Days with Van Limousine Asia Transport

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  • Explore one of Vietnam's most beautiful lakes, likened to Ha Long amidst mountains

  • Bathe in Khuoi Nhi waterfall, swim in the lake

  • Experience a free Fish Massage

  • Witness pear flowers blooming in the mountains and forests (from the beginning of the new year until mid-March of the solar calendar)

  • Harvest sweet, succulent pears with your own hands (August)

  • Terraced fields in the rainy season winding along the hillsides (late June - early July)

  • Terraced fields in the brilliant ripe rice season (late September - October)

Detailed Itinerary


06:00: Car and driver pick up at Hanoi Opera House and depart for Na Hang. Stop en route for breakfast at your own expense.

12:00: Arrive at Na Hang, lunch at a local restaurant or on a boat tour of the lake (depending on daily group size).

Afternoon: Explore Na Hang Lake (Tuyen Quang hydroelectric lake), the convergence of the Gam and Nang Rivers, surrounded by 99 undulating mountains. During the visit to Long Lake, you'll:

Admire and take photos with Pac Ta Mountain

View unique fairy cliffs

See the famous area known as "Ha Long dry in the middle of thousands of mountains" called Coc Vai Pha

Visit sacred Pac Ta and Pac Vang temples

Visit Khuoi Nhi Waterfall, one of Na Hang's majestic and beautiful waterfalls. Here, immerse in the primeval forest, bathe in the waterfall, fish, and experience a fish foot massage, especially in Khuoi Nhi's natural swimming pool.

17:00: Return to Na Hang town, check into the hotel and rest.

18:30: Dinner featuring Tay ethnic group dishes. Optional campfire and cultural exchange with Tay ethnic girls (additional cost based on group size and not included in tour price).


06:30: Check out and have breakfast at the restaurant.

07:00: Car takes you to Hong Thai to visit and experience:

Life of the Dao ethnic minority

Pear flower season in the mountains (from early spring until mid-March of the solar calendar)

Pear harvest season (August)

Terraced fields in the rainy season (late June - early July)

Terraced fields in the brilliant ripe rice season (late September - October)

Paragliding adventure (usually during the ripe rice season, at your own expense)

12:00: Lunch at the restaurant.

13:00: Board the bus back to Hanoi. Stop to purchase local specialties as gifts.

19:00: Return to Hanoi. End of tour. Goodbye and see you again!

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