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Hoi An Emerges as Dream Honeymoon Destination for 2024

Surpassing Maldives and Venice, Hoi An is the second most beloved destination on the list of the top 25 dream honeymoon spots for 2024.

On February 14, Tripadvisor unveiled the top 25 dream honeymoon destinations for couples looking to travel this year. Hoi An is the sole representative from Vietnam on the list, ranking second after Bali, Indonesia.

The coastal city in the central region of Quang Nam Province was once a prominent trading port in Southeast Asia from the 15th to the 19th century, and its historical charm is well preserved to this day.

Hoi An is a favorite stopover for tourists, especially gaining popularity among international visitors. On the 14th day of the lunar month, the ancient town illuminates at night with thousands of lanterns adorning the streets. Famous attractions in the area include the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Quan Cong Temple.

"Let professional tailors here tailor some clothes for you based on your measurements," Tripadvisor suggests regarding the experience travelers should try when visiting the ancient town. Some reputable accommodation options with excellent feedback in Hoi An that travelers can consider include Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa and ÊMM Hoi An.

Other destinations in the top list include Maldives, Dominica, Santorini Greece, Mauritius, Venice Italy, Khao Lak Thailand, Zanzibar, Budapest Hungary.

Bali, the reigning champion, is described as "beautiful as a postcard" and "a paradise that makes travelers feel like they're in a dream.

" Experiences for travelers here include lounging under the sun on the smooth white sandy beaches, diving along vibrant coral reefs, or exploring colorful wreckage from World War II ships. Bali also boasts lush forests providing shade for ancient stone temples.

The list of dream honeymoon destinations for 2024

Rank Destination Rank Destination

1 Bali, Indonesia 14 Ambergris Caye, Belize

2 Hoi An, Vietnam 15 Tulum, Mexico

3 Maldives 16 Dubrovnik, Croatia

4 Dominica 17 Bora Bora

5 Mauritius 18 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

6 Khao Lak, Thailand 19 Budapest, Hungary

7 Jamaica 20 Prague, Czech Republic

8 Santorini, Greece 21 Viti Levu, Fiji

9 Zanzibar 22 Kauai, Hawaii

10 Venice, Italy 23 Barbados

11 St. Lucia 24 Killarney, Ireland

12 Gramado, Brazil 25 Antigua

13 Lisbon, Portugal

The list is based on evaluations from experts and travelers who have visited.

Destinations must meet various criteria such as romantic settings, suitable scenery for candlelit dinners, and providing memorable adventure experiences for couples.

The top 25 dream honeymoon destinations are part of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards Best of the Best 2024. "Less than 1% of the 8 million profiles received the Best of the Best award, signifying the utmost excellence in the tourism field for the honored representatives," the website remarks.


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