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Exploring the Stunning "Planets" of Ninh Thuan 🌻

A land blessed with sunlight, wind, vast sand dunes, and pristine beaches, Ninh Thuan is truly a paradise on earth. Special thanks to Quynh To for the mesmerizing photos and insightful reviews.

✈️ Getting Around

We flew from Hanoi to Cam Ranh Airport. From there, we rented motorbikes to travel to Phan Rang following Google Maps directions via Highway 1A (approximately 65km), or for those with more time, a coastal route through Vinh Hy Bay (approximately 100km).

Additionally, there's the Phuong Trang bus route 74 from Cam Ranh to Phan Rang (60k per ticket), or taxis for those who prefer to avoid the sun.

🏠 Transportation and Accommodation

We rented bikes from Mr. Toan - 0906742751, who conveniently had bikes available at the airport. The prices were reasonable at 100k per regular bike and 120-150k for automatic ones. The bikes were new, and Mr. Toan was incredibly friendly and helpful.

We stayed at Leo Homestay in Phan Rang, priced at 250k per double room per day. Centrally located, clean rooms, fully equipped with amenities, and the hosts were exceptionally lovely.

They even sell Quang noodles on the ground floor, and the neighboring restaurant serves traditional Vietnamese drip coffee. A perfect combo to start your day exploring Ninh Thuan.

📍Selected Destinations

- Dam Nai Wind Power Station

- Phan Rang - Vinh Hy Coastal Road

- Ba Nuoc Ngot (Freshwater Lake)

- Rai Cave

- Ninh Thuan Stone Park

- Dam Vua Salt Field

- Nam Cuong Sand Dunes

- Mui Dinh Lighthouse

🛵 Itinerary

Day 1: Cam Ranh - Dam Nai Wind Power Station - Phan Rang

We arrived at Cam Ranh Airport around 3:30 PM and chose to travel by motorbike via Highway 1A to Dam Nai Wind Power Station.

Day 2: Phan Rang - Vinh Hy Coastal Road - Ba Nuoc Ngot - Rai Cave - Ninh Thuan Stone Park - Dam Vua Salt Field

Highlights of this day included Ba Nuoc Ngot and Ninh Thuan Stone Park.

Day 3: Nam Cuong Sand Dunes - Bai Trang - Mui Dinh Lighthouse

With an afternoon flight at 1:30 PM, we spent the morning exploring these destinations.

💸 Expenses: Approximately 3 million VND per person, including a round-trip flight for 2 million VND.

📌 Tips:

- Dispose of trash properly.

- Due to intense sunlight, don't forget protective gear: hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and masks.

- Always carry water.

- Local cuisine tends to be sweet; prepare for it.

- Fresh fruit juices are both cheap and delicious.

Ninh Thuan's untouched natural beauty, characterized by pristine landscapes and azure waters, captivated us entirely. We hope our next visit will reveal Ninh Thuan's enduring charm.

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