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Discover the allure of Binh Lieu's Hoa Lau Season over 2 days with Asia Transport's Van Limousine

This captivating phenomenon, occurring from late October to mid-November, reveals clusters of pristine white reed flowers swaying amidst the welcoming winds of early winter.

As these blooms transition from pure white to a golden hue, they gracefully dance away with the breeze.

Details of itinerary


6:30 AM: Embark on our Van Limousine from Hanoi for the 260km journey to Binh Lieu. Relish a breakfast stop at station V23 Hung Yen on Hai Phong Expressway en route to Quang Ninh.

11:30 AM: Arrive in Binh Lieu Town for a delightful lunch featuring regional specialties like Khau humu, hill chicken, and stream fish.

1:00 PM: Venture to Milestone 1297, the Vietnam-China boundary, a captivating haven of reed flowers. Capture endless shots of Co Lau hill's stunning white blooms.

4:00 PM: Return for relaxation before a flavorful dinner of Ban chicken, stream fish, and vibrant five-color sticky rice. Immerse yourself in the town's evening charm. Overnight in Binh Lieu.


6:30 AM: Check out and savor breakfast at the restaurant.

7:15 AM: Embark on an adventure to conquer the Dinosaur Spine at border milestone 1305 in Hoanh Mo commune.

This iconic spot, featuring nearly 2,000 steps and scenic observation stations, offers breathtaking vistas of the border region.

Expect a 1.5 to 2-hour climb to reach milestone 1305. 10:30 AM: Gather for the return journey to Binh Lieu town.

11:30 AM: Lunch and leisure time. 2:00 PM: Return to Hanoi, concluding the Binh Lieu tour program. Until our next adventure!

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